Chavurot | Mens and Ladies Groups

One of the main ways we gather for relationship and character growth is our bi-weekly men’s and ladies groups.


Our mens/ladies groups meet alternating weeks from 6-9pm. During that time, we enjoy getting to know each other better and chatting about whatever is on our hearts, but we also have a purposeful discussion and study time.

Men’s Group

Our Men’s Group meets every other Thursday at the Boise Co-op Café from 6-9pm. The men are studying through the book of Romans, with the study conversation happening between 6-7ish. Men’s group is overseen by Alek Canner.

Ladies’ Group

Our Ladies Group meets every other Monday at the Boise Co-op Café from 6-9pm. The ladies are studying and discussing mussar – the Jewish discipline of character growth, with our discussion from 7-8ish. For more information about mussar, please –click here-.