Online Giving

Our community is completely supported by donations. If you are a part of Kehilat Yeshua, supporting the congregation financially is part of carrying the load of your community. If you are not part of Kehilat Yeshua but have been blessed by our ministry, we would appreciate your financial support!

We have designed this option to help you avoid handling money on Shabbat.

We do our best to be good stewards of everything entrusted to our care and strive to put the funds we receive to the best use possible.

As part of that endeavor, we give a portion of our income to two organizations. One is Foursquare International. As a part of Foursquare, a portion of our giving goes to support church plants like ours worldwide.
We also support Israel through Maoz Israel. Maoz Israel Ministries is a Messianic Jewish non-profit organization founded in 1976, that offers humanitarian aid, scholarships for Messianic Israelis, Messianic publishing, and much more.

Thank You for giving!