Mark & Judy Rich, Congregational Leaders

Kehilat Yeshua is pastored by Mark and Judy Rich, who pioneered the congregation in their home in 2015.

Mark and Judy have been married for 14 years and have 5 children.

When not serving Kehilat Yeshua, Mark works in the software industry and Judy homeschools their children and occasionally does some graphic and web design.

A few fun facts about us:
  • We are both the oldest of 5 children and have 5 children ourselves.
  • We were both raised in faith-filled homes and felt a calling to ministry in high school.
  • We did most of our dating long-distance – from Costa Rica to Washington.
  • We started on the Messianic journey as newlyweds, in 2004 at Beit Tikvah Messianic Synagogue in Newcastle, Washington.
  • We have started several businesses together, but never felt like they were meant to last long-term. Each one was a meaningful learning experience though!
  • Judy is a Cheesehead (a Green Bay Packers fan, for those of you not football-inclined), who remembers hearing the cheers of the crowd at Lambeau Field from the front yard of her childhood home.
  • Mark grew up in Idaho, but as a family they have lived in the Boise area since 2012.

Mark has his ministerial credentials through the Foursquare denomination and we are members of the MJAA (Messianic Jewish Alliance of America).

We look forward to meeting you!

Other Leadership

We are working on building and advisory council to help direct the growth of Kehilat Yeshua. This team would be a small group of people who would serve Kehilat Yeshua by meeting regularly with Mark & Judy to discuss our community's growth and development, and help make wise decisions to direct its path.

Mark is also accountable to two pastors whom he has close relationship with and mentor him regularly. Pastor Gordon Slyter is the district coordinator for the Foursquare churches in our area, and Rabbi Hylan Slobadkin is the rabbi at Beit Tikvah where he has served for 20+ years.