Shabbat Service

What to Expect in a Shabbat Servicecommunity

Our Shabbat morning begins with our Torah study at 9:30am. Synagogues all over the world read through the Torah annually, divided into readings that traditionally date back to Ezra. In our study, we take turns reading sections of the Torah portion and discussing what it means and how it applies to our lives today. If you have the desire and ability to study the portion ahead of time, that’s great – but if not, that’s fine too. You will get a lot out of the study either way. For the weekly portion, click -here-.

During this time, we also have a developing children’s program. They are walking through the Gospels in story and learning basic Hebrew. We also have our B’nei Mitzvah program for children who are transitioning to young adulthood. We do not yet have a nursery available during this time.

Our Shabbat service combines some of the traditional liturgy and Torah service of the synagogue with a worship service and a message. We begin at 11:00am with liturgy and praise. Then we have a short drash (sharing/teaching) on the Torah portion from one of our members, a kids drash and blessing, a longer worship time, and a message from Mark. We end our service around 1:00pm.

After that, we enjoy a meal, traditionally called “Oneg” which means delight. This is done potluck-style, and everyone is welcome to attend. Please read here for more information and dietary guidelines.

Here at Kehilat Yeshua, we enjoy the unrushed spirit of Shabbat. We come together on Saturday with no agenda except to rest in the presence of the Lord, learn more about Him, and enjoy fellowship with each other. That said, we understand that everyone is at a different place in life, and sometimes lingering on Shabbat isn’t an option. You are welcome to stay as long as you’d like – whether that means leaving before or after lunch, and coming for Torah study or just service.