The Torah teaches us to love HaShem with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. At Kehilat Yeshua, learning and education are one of the major ways we love God with our minds.

While learning is something interwoven into many of our other gatherings (mens/ladies groups, Torah study, etc.), we offer a few structured classes as well.


HaYesod is a 10-week video based Bible study on the Jewish roots of Christianity. It is a fantastic primer for the Messianic faith, but is also helpful for those who have been on this journey for a long time. It does a fantastic job of explaining a Torah approach to discipleship in Yeshua. We offer this class fairly regularly, and you can check here for details of when it will be offered again, or talk with someone on Shabbat.

Hebrew Class

We are currently offering a Hebrew 101 class on Shabbat mornings. This class is studying through The First Hebrew Primer, by Ethelyn Simon. If you have some knowledge of Hebrew, you are welcome to jump into the class. If you are brand new to Hebrew, we hope to start an Intro to Hebrew class again in the near future.

B’nei Mitzvah

Every year or so, we will offer a B’nei Mitzvah class for young adults ages 12+. This class is an 18-week discipleship course with the intention of helping children in their transition to young adulthood as well as for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah if they desire to have one. This class doesn’t teach Hebrew, but it does walk through many aspects of discipleship in Messiah Yeshua. If you have a child 12 or older who is interested in the B’nei Mitzvah class, please talk to Judy to find out when the next session will be starting.