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Welcome to Kehilat Yeshua! We are glad you have decided to join us and pray you have experienced the presence of God today. If you are new to Kehilat Yeshua, there are a couple of ways you can connect with us online.

You can fill out our visitor Connection Card online – this enables us to add you to our email list and remember your visit today. Here’s the link:

Kehilat Yeshua Visitor Connection Card

We also encourage anyone who wants to get involved at Kehilat to download our app! This free app gives you the ability to plug into our small groups’ chats and calendars, and to give easily. Here are links to the app in both the Android and iPhone app stores.

Once installed, you’ll need to link up to Kehilat Yeshua by entering it into the app. If needed, the zip code is 83642.

We hope you have a blessed day!

By filling out the form above, you are being entered into our database and mailing list. You can remove yourself from the mailing list at any time. Your information is kept secure online and will never be sold or released outside of Kehilat Yeshua.