Kehilat Kids

At Kehilat Yeshua, we have a large number of children! In fact, about 1/3 of our community is kids under 13. And we love it! We believe in the importance of multi-generational community, and the value of families worshiping together, modeling a lifestyle of worship and study to our children.

Kehilat is a type of family-integrated congregation, meaning that families worship in service together. We do not pull kids out of service for a “kids shul” type of experience. We do have a nursery available for parents to hang out with little ones ages 4 and under, however, because we recognize that sometimes truly encountering HaShem requires a bit of balance and focus. 😉 We also have crayons and coloring pages available for kids to use during service, and you are welcome to bring quiet toys from home to help keep little hands occupied.

We used to have Bible & AlephBet classes available for children during Torah study, but we have recently had a reduction in volunteers to teach those classes, so they have been set aside for this season. If you are interested in helping to bring back some kind of class for our kids, please talk with Judy.

We also offer a B’nei Mitzvah class for children ages 12+.

It is our desire to serve families and help parents reach their children with the love of HaShem, Torah, and community!