Oneg | Community Lunch

At Kehilat Yeshua, community is a very high priority, and one of the biggest ways we do that is with our weekly oneg lunchtime.

Every week after our service, we enjoy a potluck-style lunch together. In order to keep Shabbat a restful time focused on the Lord and fellowship, we ask just a few things:

    • Please bring your food fully-prepared. You can bring cold meals or a slow cooker. We provide disposable dishes.
    • Please be prepared to take care of, and clean up after your children during lunch. We do not provide childcare during this time.
    • Please be sure all food brought to our fellowship is kosher. We are aware that everyone is on a unique journey and do not have any desire to dictate your diet in your personal life. But as a community, in order to allow as many to eat with us as possible, we have set the following standard: No unclean meats (mainly pork and shellfish), no red meat (some in our community also separate red meat and dairy), and no derivatives of unclean or red meats. These are often disguised as gelatin, red 4/carmine, casings (on sausages) and other additives, so it’s important to read labels. If possible, look for a hecksher on your items:

Thank you for honoring our community’s dietary standards, and we look forward to fellowshipping with you!